The Swedish Iranian Medical Association (SIMA) is an non-profit, apolitical, non-religious professional medical society dedicated to promoting education, health, communication and research in medical sciences. SIMA was founded in 1999 by and for Iranians who work with medicine, biomedicine, paramedicine or dentistry in Sweden. 

The association arranges seminars to expand medical knowledge and promote professional and social interest of its members. It also gives members from different medical professions a chance to meet, and to share their experiences. It is our ambition to create a worldwide network with other similar associations.     857209-2479

Founders of the Association

Dr. Javad Davachi
Dr. Javad DavachiYour Content Goes Here
FD., M.P.H., Ph.D.
Kiandokht Zanjanchi
Kiandokht ZanjanchiYour Content Goes Here
Bsc., M.S
Dr. Amir Khorram Manesh
Dr. Amir Khorram ManeshYour Content Goes Here
MD, PhD Docent, Associate professor of surgery, University lecturer in surgery with special focus on disaster medicine and mass casualty management and trauma.